Good Character or Bad Character?

Do You Have Good Character or Bad Character?

Everyone has character. People sometimes think of character as something a person either has or doesn’t have. They may say, “He has character,” meaning he has good character. We intuitively recognize the truth that everyone has “character” and we distinguish between “good” and “bad” character.


What are the character qualities, or character traits, that make up a person’s character? How can they be built into a persons life? Can they be changed?

If you and I were each to make a list of good “character qualities,” or “character traits,” we would probably both include such words as honesty, integrity, dependability, loyalty, enthusiasm, etc. Of course, there are many others that could be added.

The list of character traits that I like to use is the list identified by the Character Training Institute of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Character Training Institute list breaks “character” down into forty-nine specific, definite, character qualities, or traits. (click here to view a list of character traits). Having such a list of character traits allows us to focus on specific qualities in order to build “good character” into our lives.

By breaking character down into its basic elements in this way, we are better able to focus on building specific qualities into our lives. As we work on strengthening specific good character qualities, our overall character is improved.

For example, “honesty” really consists of several more basic qualitiestruthfulness, dependability, diligence, etc. Therefore, when I work on becoming more honest, I do so by becoming more truthful, more dependable, more diligent, etc.

How Does Our Character Affects Our Lives?

It has been said that CHARACTER is the foundation for all true success. A person may have money, position, or power, but unless he has “good” character he or she is not considered to be truly successful.

On a more immediate and practical level, our character is what really determines our success in any area of life. Our character guides our responses to any situation or circumstance in our life. It is why we do the things we do and it is why we do things the way we do them.  Since how we respond to the various things that come up is what will determine the results we get, it follows that the success we have in any endeavor are determined by our character.

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29 Responses

  1. Evangelist ijeoma j orji says:

    Character is base of human life, without it life of an individual is useless. Character speaks for a person even death or life. Eg mandela mother theresa martin luther had character of being trustful dependable nd selfless etc.

  2. Pat Mathews says:

    Powerful indeed changing lives God bless

  3. WINILE says:


  4. emmanuel chilolo says:

    yes it helps alot and character defined by what you react is what determines the result you and people tell who you are by seen the character God bless

  5. raman says:

    in india if a person have a gf or bf then he is of bad character nd if not then he have good character…. i want to know how to maintain good character

    • ZW says:

      Hello raman, I am intetested why does society in India think that way?

      In reality, character is never determined by whether you have a gf or bf or not, but by your conduct and moral values as well as how you bring good into this world to benefit other fellow human beings

      Don’t believe everything society tells you and follow your own path since society is not right all the time

      For example, society tells us that money is the most important thing in life

      But is it true?

      The answer is no, since no matter how much money you have, you would always want more and more.

      You would never be satisfied as you get used to the higher income and want more, it is an endless cycle and a bottomless pit

      Even if you have all the money in the world, so what?

      You would feel happy for a moment and then realise it is an empty form of happiness that would not last and will vanish over time

      What matters is meaning instead, of contributing to a higher cause you believe in and helping other fellow human beings on this planet

      To do good for another and being the world to that person (also seeing the smile on his/her face), is the best feeling there ever was

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is educative.

  7. Mahvish says:

    this article shows a character what u r? and who u r?
    and helps my professional life thnxxxxx

  8. Anonymous says:

    I can’t see the thing I need

  9. rachana says:

    I got a gud definition of character.. it is helpful for me

  10. Dost m kham says:

    Good character can raise the moral of someone.

  11. zeal aryan singh says:

    good characters always increase positive thoughts in mind

  12. Jose says:

    I’m very happy to take time to read this article
    I get more good things on this be bless

  13. paul naisiai says:

    its really motivating, i like this article

  14. shafique ahmad says:

    This article was really helpful

  15. nengi says:

    I really like what they wrote it really change my character

  16. poorna says:

    good article !

  17. Anonymous says:

    This article was really helpful.

  18. Kim Rini says:

    thanks for this article.. this is very good

  19. Rhoda says:

    This is beautiful nd timely

  20. i really like this article

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