How A Restaurant’s Employees Drove Future Business Away

Here is a situation where the character of the employees was definitely not what what was desired…

My wife, Becky, commented to me that she had been in a fast food restaurant near our home and that she definitely was not positively impressed.  She said that as she started to enter the restaurant she had to walk around one of the employees who was lounging just outside the door smoking a cigarette.  When she got inside, the counter person did not greet her, did not even look at her, and acted irritated that she had come in and interupted a flirtation with another of the employees.  During the whole time when my wife was giving her order, waiting for her food, and sitting in the restaurant to eat, the counter employee carried on her flirtation with the other employee.  It was a very unpleasant experience for Becky.

As she related this experience to me, I couldn’t help but think that the employees had certainly not fulfilled the wishes of the owner of the store.  I’m sure that the owner wants the employees to act responsibly, showing honor and respect for customers and exercising discretion in their actions.  My wife contrasted the experience at this restaurant with her experience at another one where she was greeted enthusiastically and made to feel important.  She said that she would much rather give her business to the restaurant where the employees demonstrated better character.

I’m sure we have all had similar experiences.  I wonder how many times business is lost because of experiences like these.  Imagine the potential for a business whose employees demonstrate the character qualities of attentiveness, alertness, creativity, diligence, discretion, enthusiasm, …

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10 Responses

  1. Evangelist ijeoma j orji says:

    I tot this attitude of non chalant attitude is only in africa, i had this ugly exprience oneday in a resturant, buh i made a joke of it by asking her if we e fighting over one man, she acted so rudely been WOG let go. Good character pays.

  2. Badworker says:

    I was once that awful employee with the cigarette feeling interrupted. I was all alone working night shift at a donut /coffee shop. I was getting paid a little more than minimum wage, but because I was alone, I never got a real break. Maybe you shouldn’t just judge the employees. How do you know the employer is not unfair.

    • Larry says:

      I don’t know whether the employer was fair or unfair. I do know that the employees were being paid (maybe not enough!) and that for some reason they had chosen to work at that restaurant – they were not being forced (except maybe by their circumstances). They may have been very unhappy with their situation, but the attitudes they displayed did not demonstrate good character, in my opinion. They were being paid to provide a service to the customers, not to make customers walk around them while they smoked and not to be act irritated that a customer has interrupted them. We may feel sorry for them because of their circumstances, or because they are unhappy, but that does not change the fact that they are demonstrating lack of honor and respect for their employer and for the customers. Those attitudes will, I believe, be likely to drive customers away.

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