How to Implement A Character Training Program

Successful implementation of a character training program in your organization requires that you do three things.

You must (1) emphasize good character, (2) require good character, and (3) recognize good character within your organization.

 1. Emphasize Good Character

The goal is to establish a culture within the organization that encourages all employees to develop good character and make decisions based on good character.

Train management in how to implement a character emphasis. Focusing on character requires a new paradigm. Managers will not automatically understand what you are trying to accomplish or how you plan to implement your character emphasis.

Set a date when you will conduct training for your management and supervisory staff. Obtain good character emphasis materials. You will need a mechanism for focusing attention on character development. Experience has shown that it is best to focus on one character quality per month.

Provide character bulletins, articles, etc., as ongoing resources for employees. Place posters, banners, etc., around the workplace to serve as reminders of the character quality during the month. Communicate what you are trying to accomplish to your employees. Emphasize the importance of character in your organization. Hold regular, scheduled, employee meetings to introduce and discuss the character quality that you will be focusing on during the coming month.

2. Require Good Character

The goal is to enforce principle-based policies in establishing a culture within an organization that is built on character.

Establish a principle-based policy manual that communicates the organization’s standards to employees. Require character in new employees through the hiring process. When correction is necessary, correct employees based on the character deficiency that resulted in poor behavior.

3. Recognize Good Character

The goal is to help employees reach their full potential by recognizing good character with praise.

Praise is pointing out words, actions, and attitudes that demonstrate character qualities and explaining how they benefited you and the organization.

Praise employees in the course of daily work. Recognize employees for character on their employment anniversaries at employee meetings.

An Excellent Resource

The book Making Character First by Tom Hill, Founder of Character First! is an excellent resource for learning about implementing character training in the workplace.

For more information and assistance in developing a character emphasis program for your organization, contact Character Training Enterprises by email at

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    What are the threat or consequences of bad character to ministry?

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