Top 10 Tips On How To Prevent an Accident At Work

by Julian Hall

Every person can avoid being involved in accidents at work by following these ten simple tips.

1. Always be alert on the job – Being awake and alert all the time while at work will not only prevent accidents from happening at work.  It will also enhance the performance of the worker and can even earn him a promotion or a salary increase.  Most of the people who become involved with accidents at work are those who feel sleepy while working.  

2. Wear the required uniform – A person who works in a factory has a greater chance of being involved in an accident at work.  Thus, he should be more vigilant about the wearing of proper uniforms and other protective garments when working.  Never take safety to chance so always go to work with the proper dress code.  If your work requires you to wear a hardhat helmet then wear it.

3. Listen and actively participate during emergency drills – Some work places conduct emergency drills to make sure their employees know what to do in cases of emergencies so as to avoid accidents.  Some employees take this as another boring drill so they just look around and take it for granted.  So when emergency time comes they are the ones who are left behind in the face of grave danger.

4. Always ask your supervisor about the possible risks of doing a certain task – There are workers who are exposed to danger just by doing their regular workloads.   A worker should always check with his supervisor if he is unsure about the task at hand or if he feels that doing that task will expose him to great danger.

5. Never take a high-risk job for which you have not been trained for – It is stupid for anyone to take on a high-risk job especially if he has not been trained for the job.  Imagine an untrained person doing the job of a fireman?  Doing this will not only expose you to a great danger but will expose other people to danger as well.   

6. Always follow the safety program of your workplace – Employers are responsible for the well-being of their workers while at work so they have installed safety programs which the employees should follow.  Employees can avoid an accident at work if they follow the safety program mandated by the employer.

7. Always be on the lookout for possible cause of accidents and then report it to the management – There are workers who are already aware of a disaster waiting to happen but they refuse to see the warning and go on with their work.  If you see telltale signs of a possible cause of accident at work like a ceiling that is about to give way or a stairway thats about to give way then you should report it to the proper authority immediately.  Do not wait for the accident to happen as it might happen to you.

8. Owners of a company should always post signs or rules that should be observed by their employees in order to avoid a possible accident at work.  These posters should be posted in areas that are highly visible to the workers so they will be able to read them.

9. Formation of an emergency team among the workers – The team will be responsible for monitoring possible hazards at work that may cause an accident.  They will also formulate rules and regulation to be observed in case of possible incidents that may cause harm to the workers.

10. Never risk the health and safety of the employees – Profit may be the main motivation of a company but they should earn their keep without exposing their workers to hazard.  Company owners should always prioritize the health and safety of their workers no matter what.

There are a lot of precautionary measures that both employers and employees can take to prevent an accident at work.  However, a worker who follows the safety measures and procedures set by the employers for the workplace will most likely be able to prevent future accidents.

Julian Hall of Claims Master Group.

Personal injury Claims

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